Plants are great for several reasons, and keeping mold away is one of them.

Mold, especially in bathrooms, is something that needs to be taken care of immediately to not only prevent damage or staining but for your health as well.

You could always take sprays with chemicals to the mold, but plants are a natural remover.

Here are six plants that are great at keeping the mold away, so long as you keep them in the bathroom and continue to care for them.

Ivy absorbs moisture and prevents mold formation. You just need to place it near walls and ceilings. Ivy is also an air purifier. They are toxic to kids and pets, so make sure to keep ivy out of reach.

The roots of Peace Lilies absorb moisture. They also prevent mold and reduce bacteria and fungi growth. These are also toxic to kids and pets, so keep them out of reach.

Ferns are another air purifier that absorbs humidity — perfect for those who love a scalding hot shower. Ferns are also toxic if they’re ingested, so keep those out of reach as well.

Areca Palm is another great plant for bathrooms as their growth needs the absorption of moisture. They’re also effective at preventing the development of mold and bacteria. Areca Palms are safe for kids and pets, so need to worry about them.

Snake Plants are easy to care for and impossible to kill, so placing them in bathrooms won’t harm them at all. They’re also an air purifier. The Snake Plant is toxic for kids and pets, so make sure they’re out of reach.

Calathea are native to the tropics, so they thrive in humid places as they absorb that humidity. They’re fantastic for bathrooms or anywhere in the house that may be very humid. This plant is also nontoxic, so you don’t need to worry about kids and pets getting into it.