Water damage repair timelines can differ greatly depending on the type of saturated materials, scale, amount of water, and many other factors. Most water damage claims can be split into two large stages, mitigation and rebuild. Many factors can affect the time it takes to complete each step, but below is a theoretical timeframe.

Estimated Water Damage Mitigation Timeline
New water damage: 3-7 days
Week old water damage: 10-14 days
Month old water damage: 2-4 weeks
Extreme water damage: 4-6 weeks
Estimated Rebuild Timeline
Light rebuild: 1 to 30 days
Medium rebuild: 1 to 4 months
Heavy rebuild: 4 to 12 months
Extreme rebuild: 12+ months

What is Water Damage Mitigation?
Mitigation, often referred to as the cleanup by homeowners, is the stabilization stage. What needs to be done during this stage will depend upon the level of damage. All efforts to prevent secondary damage and remove harmful materials are prioritized. Basically, all the water needs to be removed from the affected area to prevent it from causing even more damage.

This stage may include:

  • Extraction of standing water
  • Moving belongings out of the affected area
  • Assessing the damage to belongings
  • Selective deconstruction or “demo” of potentially harmful building materials (heavily saturated drywall, wet insulation, soaked carpet pad, etc.)
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the affected area
  • Setting up equipment (air scrubbers, air movers, dehumidifiers, extraction equipment, etc.)
  • Drying

The timeline for mitigation varies with the square footage affected, the type of building materials affected, the number of belongings in the affected area, and how quickly the source was identified and stopped. It is realistic to expect a standard mitigation to take 1 to 2 weeks from the time work begins.

The timeline for this stage is also heavily dependent on the source of the water. Water can enter homes and businesses from all sorts of different sources. Some of these may be fresh water sources such as a supply line or a leaky faucet. But water originating from something such as a sewage backup requires more care to be taken extending the duration of mitigation.

What is Rebuild?
The rebuilding stage is when your home is put back together. Not all water damage events require a rebuilding stage. Mild water damage with a quick response may only require a basic mitigation dry out.

The timeline for rebuild completion varies more than mitigation. The process of acquiring approval from your insurance can be the first hurdle that needs to be crossed during the rebuild stage. Insurance adjusters may take a while to go over the rebuild estimate and make approvals and changes.

Since the pandemic, supplies availability and shipping times have been frequent hold-ups on completing jobs. The right people to do the job can also add time to the rebuild schedule. While we have rebuild professionals on our team, some repairs are best done by a specialist, so waiting for availability with a particular specialist can result in a longer timeline. Source